How A Touch Lamp Works

A touch lamp is a kind of lamp that is activated by touching rather than flipping a switch as in other kinds of lamps. Such lamps have been in use for quite a long time. However, most people today, know very little about them because of the technological advancements. These lamps have numerous advantages and are designed for good performance. They are designed in such a way that not even moisture or dirt is able to enter into the switch and cause any damage to it. With a touch lamp, you are able to also turn a standard light bulb into a three-way bulb without any difficulties.

Since the innovation of the touch lamp, several property of the human body have been used to activate it. Below is a list of some of them and how they have been used to ensure the operation of this lamp:

Touch Lamp

The human body is generally considered to be warmer compared to the air that we breath around. This is the reason why even most elevators use buttons that are only sensitive to the human finger to be able to operate. In fact, such buttons would not work in case one operates them using cold hands. In the same way, touch lamps are also sensitive to the warmth that is generated from the human body.

The human body is a good conductor of electricity as a result of the water that is contained in the body. It is through this notion that touch lamps are able to be activated. Whenever you place, the human body close to the lamp, which is a good conductor, the human body part is able to close the circuit hence powering on the lamp.

Lamps that are sensitive to touch always use a fourth property of the human body, which is known as capacitance. This refers to the capacity that an object has which allows it to hold electrons. Whenever the lamp is positioned to stand alone on its stand or wherever, it has a certain level of capacitance. In the event that you place your hand on the lamp, it gains some capacity and switches automatically. On the other hand, you are still able to make a touch lamp by using plug-in boxes. With the plug-in boxes, you are able to develop any lamp into one that is touch sensitive without having to buy a new one.

There are several other things you need to be aware of, concerning touch lamps. These lamps have three brightness settings despite the fact that they do not operate three-way bulbs. The circuit of the lamp changes its brightness by altering the duty cycle of the amount of power that is being received at the bulb. To be able to regulate the brightness of the lamp, all you need is to keep switching it on and off since the lamp’s brightness is controlled through the circuit. To be able to conserve electricity whenever you are having a switch lamp, ensure that it is kept in a place where it will not be constantly in contact with the pets and even other people when not in use.